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Memory Down Indicators


For 2016 we are proud to introduce our newest product, the Memory down indicators.   These innovative down indicators remember important game information for you to allow for easy, quick and effective game administration.  No matter the position you work, you are sure to benefit from their use when you have the correct information to save your crew in a critical situation.



Memory Spot Down Indicator


Never wear two down indicators again! Designed with referees and umpires in mind this modification to a traditional down indicator includes a horizontal position indicator.  A durable viewing window slides along to one of five spot indicators to accurately track the lateral position of the ball.  Stop the slide anywhere in between the markings to know exactly where the ball should be spotted.  Designed to move easily ---but not move on it's on -- the first time you use it will undoubtedly be the last time you ever wear two down indicators!


Memory Clock Down Indicator


Can't remember what happened before that 10 minute injury timeout?  No worries, with the Memory clock down indicator you will always remember what the clock status is! Designed for the college game, this product can easily be used at any level. This down indicator incorporates a horizontal band with a snap (S) and ready (R) position for both the 25 and 40 second playclock.  Simply integrate moving the slide over the proper clock and play clock situation into your post play routine and you will never forget what the proper clock administration is, and having to make a selection after each play you will improve your knowledge of the rules!  




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