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Say goodbye to your game cards forever!  Our Further Review Gamebook™ is the first of its kind,  this book has everything you need for seamless game administration.  No more flipping through multiple cards looking for the right sheet; save time recording information by utilizing its patent-pending binding that makes it easy to leave your book open to the pages you need most. 


This book not only contains everything you would find in your game card. It includes a penalty chart, media timeout tracker, notes page, game interruption form, and other useful information you can't afford to forget on the field.


The Further Review Gamebook™ is laid out for easy access to the information you need most.  It utilizes color-coordinated sections to help make sure you record your information in the correct areas. The ability to circle or strike through pre-written fields saves time and means no more worries about not being able to read your writing. The pages erase clean and with ease so your book is always easy to read and keeps looking new without smudge marks.  

The Further Review Gamebook™ is made of a durable waterproof rewriteable material designed to stand up to the harshest conditions while looking neat and professional.  

The Further Review Gamebook™ is the only large font game card available for those who may have problems reading without glasses but do not need them to officiate.

Available with High School Rules or College Rules that include an Instant Replay Card!







What Can I use to write in my book? 

You can write on your book with a multitude of utensils!  The book was designed with pencils as the primary writing tool. However, Sharpie markers, especially fine point, and sharpie S-gel pens also work very well. Specialty pens such as the Fisher Spacepen will also work on this material. Paper Mate Flair Felt Pens work very well too, but only in dry conditions as the ink washes away underwater.

How do I Clean my book?


If you are using a pencil you can use an eraser to clean your book.  If you use a dry erase marker it can also be cleaned using a polymer eraser.  Paper Mate Flair pens can be cleaned simply by running the book underwater.  All other inks such as pens and permeant markers can be cleaned easily using a Magic Eraser.  Chemicals such as nail polish remover, paint thinner, and aerosols should not be used as they may damage the ink.


Storing your book

You should never store your book wet.  Doing so can cause transference of ink between the pages.  If your book is wet, you should wipe your book dry before storing it.

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